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Medicare supplement insurance

Sometimes called Medigap or Med Supp, is private health insurance that helps cover some of the gaps in Medicare coverage.
Medicare is the federal program of hospital and medical insurance primarily for people age 65 and over who are not covered by an employer’s plan. But Medicare doesn’t cover all medical expenses. That’s where Med Supp comes in.
All Medicare supplement policies must cover certain expenses. There are government designed standard Medicare supplement policies, designated by the letters A through N. With these standardized policies, it is much easier to compare the costs of policies issued by different insurers. While all standard policies may not be available to you, Plan A must be made available to Medicare recipients everywhere.

Insurers are not permitted to sell policies that duplicate benefits you already receive under Medicare or other health insurance policies. If you decide to replace an existing Medicare supplement policy – and you should do so only after careful evaluation – you must sign a statement that you intend to replace your current policy and that you will not keep both policies in force.

People who are 65 or older can buy Medicare supplement insurance without having to worry about being rejected for existing medical problems, so long as they apply within six months after enrolling in Medicare.

The Prescription part of Medicare is also known as Part D. We offer a variety of options as far as these plans go because it will truly depend on how many Rx you are on to find the correct plan for you.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance? Medical and TRIP cancellation included in one. Click the airplane icon to the left for more information.

Dental Insurance for Individuals

Colorado. One of the simplest plans available to folks in our area is with CIGNA DENTAL. Click on the smile to the left for rates and more information.

If you prefer DELTA DENTAL, here is the link to get rates and apply.


Finally, a plan that works in the Roaring Fork Valley and is available to us simple folk.  For info and rates click the eye on the left.

You may apply for financial assistance through the Connect for Health Website for Colorado to see if you qualify for a tax subsidy, which can help lower your monthly premium.  CLICK ON THEIR LOGO TO THE RIGHT TO BE DIRECTED TO THEIR WEBSITE.  
If you don’t qualify for a tax subsidy, we will compare all plans available in our area and see which insurance company offers the best option for your particular needs.  Plans are available on and off the exchange for individuals and for groups.